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What Happened To TIM? (Part 1)

If you’ve been following this podcast for a while, then you may be wondering, what happened to T.I.M.? If you go to you’ll notice a landing page, and how things link back to this site. Here’s the podcast page now. Blog posts, and show notes are here now. Things are different, right? More than that you’ve most likely noticed …

content marketing for musicians

Content Marketing For Musicians

In this new series of the T.I.M. Talks podcast, we’ll be talking about content marketing for musicians. This post will grow and change as new episodes in the series will be added to it. Listen or download to the episode above! Content Marketing For Musicians Content marketing is all the rage these days. Seems like everyone and there mother’s uncle …


#21 What’s Your DAW? (And The Winner Of April Drawing)

In this episode I announce the winner of the April TIM Talks drawing… Congrats to Stephen Cowart!! What’s Your Favorite DAW? In this episode I ask the question, “what’s your DAW of choice?” If you’re not sure what a D.A.W. is, it stands for digital audio workstation. It’s basically the software you use when you record. So what is your …


#19 Learn How To Launch

This is part one of a talk about learning how to launch. Not just release, but launch. Episodes 19 and 20 are together. Get the show notes here.


#18 Setting Up Your Own Music Store

Do not lean on iTunes to sell your music. You need to setup your own music store, at your own website. Ecommerce is the way to go. People who know how to do eCommerce well are killing it right now. Why not join them? Payment Gateways Stripe PayPal Store Fronts BigCartel Shopify Square WooCommerce (WooThemes)

Blue Collar Musician-16

The Blue Collar Musician

In episode 16 of TIM Talks, I give you a hypothetical scenario where we look at the numbers of the blue collar musician. After that, we compare those numbers to the numbers of an artist who builds up his or her audience online with a big email list primarily selling exclusive digital releases on their own (not using iTunes or …