UPDATE : Site change soon….

I've been using this site as my personal blog since 2006. I have recently setup a new domain at natefanchermusic.com to focus more on my music and personal life. Here at natefancher.com, you can expect to see me doing something new very soon, so stand by....

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Upcoming Change

I have decided to repurpose this site for an upcoming project that isn't directly tied to my musical pursuits, and I also wanted to keep the look and feel of the old site, so I've now setup … [Read More...]

buffer vs hootsuite

Buffer Vs Hootsuite

This blog post was first written at http://christianmusicblog.com. A blog for people of faith who make music. Head over there and join our e-mail list! In the video below, I go through a quick … [Read More...]

It's Christmas Time music video

It’s Christmas Time!

Everywhere you look, it's Christmas time!! Here's a great video that my sister put together during our family Christmas this year. I wrote the song "It's Christmas Time" back in 2011, and you can … [Read More...]