CMB 049 : The Six Hats of The Worship Leader with Rich Kirkpatrick

Six Hats of Every Worship LeaderAre you feeling like you do too much?
Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the different tasks that artists deal with….

From tech maintenance, to communicating with your band, to finding time to actually work on your set-list or let alone write a new song, there are a lot of hats that you have to wear.

Today on the podcast we have author, blogger, and worship leader Rich Kirkpatrick, where we talk about his new book blowing up on Amazon called, “The Six of Hats of The Worship Leader”.

We talk about his story, the need to develop the people around you in order to duplicate yourself, and much more.

This episode is not just for worship leaders, it’s for music makers and artists of all kinds…

Listen to the podcast here, and scroll below for more detailed notes and links….


Here’s what we discussed…

  • Rich’s story
  • Developing other people
  • The reason for the new book
  • The Pyramid of Execution:
    • Foundation (the why or the “win”)
    • Process (the what)
    • People (the who)
    • Tools (the how)
    • Service (the weekend meeting)
  • How to initiate this conversation with your leaders
  • Defining the “win”
  • Are you on the same page?
  • Let’s be creative enough to have our own language
  • The hats metaphor
    • Worship leader
    • Music director
    • Tech director
    • Service producer
    • Programming director
    • Pastor
  • “Where a hat, share a hat, give a hat away…”
  • Building and rebuilding the team
  • Visible / Invisible
  • Don’t die keeping your finger in the dam
  • Leave a whole and watch gravity pull new leaders into it
  • The hats aren’t for big churches only
  • Make up your own titles, but have your own language
  • Implement it early one for growth

Lightning Round Advice

I just grabbed the meat of what he said. Listen to the podcast for his complete thoughts….

  • Music marketing – “Build a tribe”
  • Social media – “Keep it social”
  • Church conflict – “You can run from it, or leverage it to allow God to move you in a direction”
  • Nasvhille – “Nashville has its place”
  • Recording and production – “Find people who are good”
  • Art and commerce – “Go for it. Real stories can be told through people who have enterprises. Example: Apple”
  • NBC’s The Voice – “In theory, it’s about the voice, but even reality TV is photoshopped a little bit”

Rich’s links