CMB 050 : 7 Important CMB Highlights


Wow. So this is a cool achievement.

50 episodes.

I was thinking about how to make CMB 050 special, and, as I was thinking through things, I put myself in the shoes of the folks who have recently signed up. Perhaps some of you have missed some episodes.

So today we’re going to look back at some highlights. These aren’t just my personal favorites. These were intentionally selected to provide some valuable nuggets of wisdom for artists and songwriters looking into pursuing a music career.

In 50 episodes we’ve had a ton of content, and so I really had to make some tough decisions….

Having said that, we’ve redesigned the podcast page to be easier for you to browse through all our episodes.

You should think about the new podcast page as more of an al-a-carte model, and less of a TV series like LOST where you can’t just jump in anywhere.

You can browse through all the episodes and pick up wherever you’d like.

However, the 7 episodes highlighted today were put together in order to make one primary point for songwriters and artists:

Simply rest in Jesus, and work hard.

Listen to the podcast here, and scroll below for more detailed notes and links….


7 Important Highlights

Here are the previous podcast sessions that we highlighted in today’s episode….

Change Of Podcast Schedule

I mentioned this in an email to the list last week, but we’re modifying our podcast schedule to give me some time to focus on an upcoming training course that I’m offering for free just to subscribers.

Here’s a sneak peak of what it will include:

A 4 part training series in music marketing on the 4 following things….

  • Finding Your Sound (foundations of artist development)
  • Building Your Platform (creating a website that attracts visitors)
  • Building Your List (starting and growing your e-mail list with MailChimp)
  • Understanding Campaigns (how to plan and promote your upcoming release)


Back to today’s podcast. If you were to fall off the horse in one way or the other, what direction would it be?

Everyone deals with one of these two issues:

1) Fatalism and not doing any work. (Praying for a ditch, when God has given you a shovel)


2) No margin or Sabbath rest built into your schedule. (Self reliant and not trusting in God)

Which one is it?

Let us know in the comments below!