50 Days, 50 Meals (1)

Let me tell you about a pretty exciting new project that a friend of mine is working on.

This project includes all the ingredients of an amazing experience:

Travel, making new friends, telling stories through media, great design, great food, great purpose.

50 Days, 50 Meals is a creative’s dream gig. Here’s the vision (taken from their website)

50 days 50 meals is an initiative involving conversation,
consumption and compilation. With food as a universal language, we intend to engage individuals from multiple socioeconomic backgrounds using the bistro table as common ground. Everyday for 50 days, we will seek out an individual/family with whom there is no connection (perfect stranger) and engage with them by either purchasing and/or preparing a meal for them.

And they’ll be getting some pretty great footage as they go. From Peru to New Zealand and pretty much everywhere in between, Austin and Andrew will have quite the adventure to document along the way. The stories of who they’ll meet and the experiences they come across will be fun to hear about.

You can follow them at their blog here. They’ll be heading out tomorrow. I’m also planning to link to their site from time to time during their 50 day journey.

Bon Appetit!

(photo taken from by 50 Days 50 Meals crew)