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Who is T.I.M.?
You are.

T.I.M. is an acronym for the independent musician….

Claim it for yourself proudly.

TT0 The “Un-Episode”

Hello friends, Nate Fancher here and this is episode zero of TIM Talks. Episode zero is basically like an about page on a blog or website, and that’s what this un-episode is all about.

The new podcast launches Monday March 2nd, and is going to go live with four episodes right out of the gate.

What is TIM?

TIM is simply an acronym. It’s an acronym for the independent musician.

In this new podcast I’ll be focusing on a new business model for today’s independent musician. This new model is all about building and growing your platform as an artist online through creating contagious content, both musical and non-musical.

As a musician you have a bigger story to tell your fans than simply a 3 or 4 minute song could ever say.

It’s not to down play your music at all, but to actually highlight against the backdrop of your unique story and perspective.

So this new business model I want to propose isn’t actually all that new after all. The artists who have had the most success have actually been doing this for years. These artists hone their story so well that they create a niche for themselves, and then they get creative and come up with innovative ways to share that story.

On this new podcast, I’ll be talking mainly about the later. Discussing the many innovative ways to build your audience and expand your reach through digital marketing and online business.

So we’ll cover topics like blogging, lead generation, retargeting, search engine optimization, social media, email marketing, product and album launches, and a lot more…. Basically anything along the lines of marketing and the internet, will be covered.

TIM_LogoNow I’m not a pro at this stuff. Not yet anyway.

I do have quite a lot of experience in blogging, social media, and email list building, but as an artist myself, I’m testing a lot of these things to see what works and what doesn’t.

So this podcast will be both you watching me on a journey myself in these areas, as well as me teaching you what I’ve learned along the way.

Here’s what you can expect from TIM Talks

Unless something crazy happens, a new episode will be published every Monday and Thursday. Each episode will be in the ballpark of 10 to 20 minutes in length, and will have a down to earth, teaching format to it.

From time to time you can watch out for bonus episodes that will include interviews with special guests in the realm of online business and blogging.

The best way to not miss out on an episode of course is to the podcast’s RSS feed, and join our email list.

which brings me to something fun I’m doing for email subscribers:

Each month, I plan to do a special drawing just for subscribers where I give away an awesome prize of some kind.

The first drawing is already open, and will be end on March 26th. I’ll be announcing the winner on March 30th.


This first drawing is for a $100 gift card to Sweetwater music.

If you’re like me you’re always getting hit with expenses when it comes to this online content world and especially music making and production, so I’m sure you’ll find something at sweetwater that you can put to good use.

Here’s how to win:

Go to http://freemusicgift.com and enter the drawing with your first name and email address….. there’s a video there too that explains more, but as soon as you enter your email and then confirm your subscription, you’ll see the private page for entering the drawing. Now is the time to get in on this drawing because it’s the beginning and with this particular drawing you can increase your chances of winning by doing various things…

All that is explained on the drawing page…. but to sign up just head again to


If you aren’t following the new Twitter account just head to https://twitter.com/indiepodcaster.

You can also follow me at https://twitter.com/natefancher

Alright… In episode one, I share with you in more detail the mission of TIM Talks and why all this stuff really matters to you if you’re serious about building an indie artist career.

That’s episode one.

See you then right here on TIM Talks