Andrew Pray and a Wake Up Call

Stop and Think

There are moments in your life that God uses to wake you up. One of these moments happened a few weeks ago when a recent member of Living Way Church died in her sleep while visiting some friends here in Greensboro.

She had come down for the weekend to spend some time with some of her closest friends from the church and the night before she left to go home was when God decided to take her to her true home.

When I got the news it was so odd. I had just talked with her the day before. It felt so unnatural and out of place. Death is simply something I don’t often think about.

In that moment I remember thinking something like “That wouldn’t happen to me. I’m young with a ministry and a calling on my life. I have a new baby boy and a beautiful wife….”

It was a terrible thought, and I was immediately convicted. Katie and I prayed together and thanked God for every moment we’ve had, and were reminded yet again that we’re to live for his glory at all times, knowing that life is a vapor.

News Travels Fast on Twitter

Then, the other day while on twitter, I saw a tweet by Carlos Whitaker (@loswhit) about him going to Atlanta for a funeral. Of course news on social media travels fast, and I soon found out about the tragic death of Andrew Pray.

He was a worship pastor at Westridge Church in Dallas, TX, 31 years old, and married with three young children.

Wake up call again.

I didn’t know the guy, but was immediately struck with the reality of life’s fragility, and how no one is exempt from God’s sovereign plan. We don’t always understand why he chooses to do the things he does, but he is still good, faithful, and perfect – in all that He does.

My prayer is that God helps me live each day humbly, not presuming to think that I’m somehow the pilot determining my course. Living life in this way will cause me to love better, work harder, and live fuller, for God’s glory.

Here’s a link from their church about the Andrew Pray story.

Let’s live in the light of eternity people!