Come Down O Love Divine

I’m really looking forward to diving in to Fernando Ortega’s new release. I’m sure it will be a rich collection of music in many ways.
His music is some of the most peaceful music I’ve ever encountered. He was revamping old hymns long before it was the trend, and has been a very strong example of creating and writing what I call “Selah Songs”. His song Grace and Peace would be an example of a “Selah Song”. It’s more contemplative and great for the times when you need to be in “receive mode” as you meditate on God’s word.

There is a desire among many worship leaders today to be more theologically discerning, and to put before people songs that are rich with artfully crafted lyrics, presenting sound doctrine centered around the gospel.

In my eagerness to do the same, I’ve found personally that when I plan a worship set, I have the tendency to forget that people need moments of reflection. We desperately need to slow down and think on all the words that we’ve just sung. Fernando Ortega’s albums have done such a great job at striking the right balance between the two.

I may share my thoughts more on this specific album later as I listen to it. Check out his video below explaining his thoughts behind this latest album, Come Down O Love Divine.

Any one out there had a chance to hear this one yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Fernando Ortega, “Come Down, O Love Divine.” from Absorb. on Vimeo.