First Time On Blab


My new friend Christy welcomed me into the wonderful world of Blab.

Live Streaming….

I’m pretty green when it comes to the world of live streaming. I remember viewing a few streams on Ustream back in the day, and I’ve been a part of a few Google Hangouts, but that’s about it.

My video communication world has primarily been Skype, G Hangout, or Facetime.

In fact, Skype is how I’ve recorded most of my podcasts. I have the guests give me their Skype name and we set up the call and I record the audio in my ZoomH4N.

But ever since I’ve discovered Periscope, I started to see some exciting new ways to connect with you guys who are avid listeners to the podcasts.

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But back to this Blab thing….

These guys are developing something truly great for connecting with people. And now is the time to get in. In the world of tech, they’re still very young (they started in April of this year 2015).

In the video above you’ll see how I begin to see its incredible potential.

I’ll be recording some future podcasts live on Blab, so make sure you’re following me on Twitter, and are on my email list to get notified when I go live with my podcasts on Blab soon!

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