Free Christmas Music

Here we are in December! It’s that time of year. A time to remember and reflect on the awesome miracle of the incarnation. God became man. Amazing.
Several artists are taking this truth and putting it to great music.

Friends like Sojourn Music and The Sing Team, a band from Mars Hill church in Seattle, are putting out some great stuff.

There are several others releasing music for the holiday season as well. If you want to add some new music to your annual traditions check ’em out.

And me too…

For the next three weeks and three days I will be putting out at least one free Christmas song each week. I’m a little nervous about not meeting each deadline to be honest, but I’m making the commitment to do it.

I ask YOU to hold me accountable if nothing shows up!

Check out my music page, where you will find a new song posted each week until the day of Christmas. The first song is up!

So put on your cheesiest Christmas sweater, pour yourself a glass of egg nog, and enjoy your free Nate Fancher downloads…


Glory To God (It Came Upon…)
It’s Christmas Time
Long Expected Jesus
O Come O Come Emmanuel