CMB 068 : Ginny Owens And Andrew Greer’s New Book!

In today’s episode of the CMB Podcast, I share with you a recent conversation with our friends Ginny Owens and Andrew Greer. Ginny and Andrew have both been on the podcast before, so it was great to have them back as repeat guests!

Below is an excerpt from an article posted at Read the full article here.

“Transcending Mysteries” was inspired by many conversations with fellow Christ-followers who wholeheartedly trust in the grace-giving gospel of Jesus, but struggle with the tough stuff of the Old Testament. Ginny and I wanted to reopen the story of Scripture, pair it with our own stories as disciples today, and attempt to discover – rather than dictate – God,” explains Andrew Greer. “As the most definitive written revelation of who God is, Scripture is important in knowing God better. And so, for better or worse, we open up the Old Testament to probe with all the saints the greatest mystery of all time – God.”

Ginny Owens adds, “On our journey to discover God through the Old Testament, stories we’ve heard all our lives took on new meaning and Scripture we’d never explored, challenged and moved our hearts.The threads of grace we uncovered woven throughout God’s journey with the Israelites were astounding. We’re excited for the opportunity to invite readers to consider our findings and make discoveries of their own.”




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All you need to do is leave us your thoughts along the lines of our discussion about the God of the old testament, and how you, as a Christian, have wrestled with some of the more difficult passages of scripture.

What is God showing you?

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