God’s Upgrade

A phrase from Graham Cooke’s Divine Confrontation recently provoked me.

Churches that are moving into a new place in God are seriously upgrading their worship anointing. -Graham Cooke

It was the word “upgrading” that really did it for me, the first thing that came to my mind was the process of upgrading a mobile phone. Agreed, this was not the most holy of thoughts, however, as I pursued the idea, I started to make connections with what could be considered to be “God upgrades”.

2014 is the year for upgrade

So, you’ve seen the phone that you want, and the first thing that happens is an ID check.

Ultimately this ID check is to make sure you are who you say you are, and usually a quick check of a credit/debit card does the trick. And that’s enough to move to the next stage.

So where are these connections to God upgrades?

God speaks to Abram, tells him to take his family to the place he shows him. What’s the first thing that God does? Perform an ID check! God changes Abram’s name to Abraham.

God’s ID check wasn’t “are you who you say you are?” but rather “are you who I say you are?”

Identity affects the Upgrade

Abram’s identity was changed – he became the Father of Nations, he had to be aligned with what God saw in his future in order to upgrade his whole life.

Is the vision for our worship teams aligned with what God see’s in our future? Or are we just a very good copy of God’s plan for another team who have already upgraded?

4 Things To Do To Run An ID Check

Here are four things you can apply to move forward and take the next steps to walk into Gods upgrade for your worship anointing….

  • Talking with leadership to make sure you are aligned with what they believe God’s plan is for your church. Are there new things that you need to align with?
  • Check in with your key team players – review your vision and mission together, where are you progressing? What areas need focussed on? Are you aligned?
  • Hold a worship team Health Check! Review and evaluate everything together. Team membership, teaching and discipleship, growing in skill and proficiency. Schedule small group clinics. Where do members need help?
  • Consider how you will communicate change. Upgrading inevitably leads to change, how we prepare our teams for this will ultimately impact success.

What will you do this year to get God’s upgrade?

Let us know in the comments below!