It’s That Time of Year


The last month or so has been pretty nuts. Full of end of the year deadlines and Holiday to do’s. Being slammed and busy isn’t always a good thing… But I’m reminded of a proverb in the bible that says it’s good for a young man to bear the burden of his youth…. Sometimes I don’t feel so young though… My back hurts from time to time!

Soon I’ll have two new video’s that I edited for the church in the videography section.
One to be shown this weekend at Grace. It’s an interview with Bob and Becky Link and their two daughters, Melody and Lori. They’re a family in our church that have have an awesome testimony together. We’re showing the interview this Sunday for our special Christmas Eve morning services.
The theme this week that Kendrick will speak from is Jesus the Prince of Peace.

Another video that I just finished is on the other spectrum. Captain Fit returns to share with us his thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions… with a very special song at the end that will leave you rolling in the floor! In case you haven’t seen any of the Captain Fit videos you can check out the first one here at my videography page.

The other two are at Grace Church’s website along with some other videos I’ve done. Go here to check those out… They take a while to download… Be forwarned.

One of the bigger things that I was involved in recently was a Grace Church production called, “A Christmas For All Nations”. This “outside the box” Christmas pagent was meant to proclaim the Gospel of a king for every tounge, tribe, and nation. It definitely wasn’t your typical western Christmas play…
It involved an adult choir that I directed, a children’s choir, special readings, dancing, live animals, and yes even… motorcycles….

Check out Pat’s photos of the event here.