July 2023 Reading List

Here are the books I’ve been sinking my teeth into this month. Excited to start publishing some reviews on them very soon. Check the link list below for reviews and links to Amazon if you want to pick them up.

Some of these I’ve already finished, and others I’m just getting started. A big stretch goal of mine is to increase reading speed and get through more in a shorter amount of time. I’ll be writing a post on why you should develop that skill set soon. Not going to lie though, I used to be a painfully slow reader and it took some mind shifts for me to understand how to develop that ability.

But books matter. Way more than you may care to think. I view every author like a mentor (read this post on that). A treasure chest of wisdom is at your finger tips if you’re willing to take the time and dive in.

  • Leaders Eat Last (Simon Sinek)
  • Best Loser Wins (Tom Hougaard)
  • Trading In The Zone (Mark Douglas)
  • Bringing Up Boys ( James Dobson)
  • Profit First (Mike Michalowicz)
  • Creation And Time (Dr. Hugh Ross)
  • Speed Reading (Kam Knight)
  • Building a Second Brain (Tiago Forte)
  • The Bullet Journal Method (Ryder Carroll)
  • 10 Days To Faster Reading (Abby Marks Beale)