CMB 063 : Lauren Daigle


In episode 63 of the CMB Podcast I was stoked to sit down with an awesome new artist Lauren Daigle.

Unsure if it was her true calling, she almost pushed music to the back burner until a devastating illness brought her young life into sharper focus.

Now Lauren is living up to the high expectations for her new single, “How Can It Be.” We talked about her story of faith and music, her new EP, life on the road, future projects, and a lot more…

Listen to or download the podcast here, and check out the detailed show notes below.

Highlights, Links, and Other Notes


  • How a 2 year illness propelled her in faith and music
  • Songwriting at the age of 11
  • Her first single in 2013 – “Light Of The World”
  • Lauren on being a LSU Tigers fan
  • The story behind “Come Alive (Dry Bones)”
  • The CentricWorship retreat and co-writing
  • The story behind “Power To Redeem”
  • Advice for singers on how to develop your voice
  • Future recording plans

Lauren’s Links Online

Other Things Mentioned