CMB 064 : The Story and Music of Loud Harp

In episode 64 of the CMB Podcast, it was awesome to hear Dave Wilton’s story of faith. He has quite the story, so get ready to be drawn in….

Described as “Shoe-gaze, meets Peter Gabriel, meets the Holy Spirit”, the sound of Loud Harp weaves heartfelt prayers with beautiful, layered atmospheric indie rock. Within these layers, Asher Seevinck & Dave Wilton hope people are able to experience the overwhelming love and peace of Jesus.

It was an honor to have Dave join me on the CMB Podcast to talk about his own personal story, their latest release entitle Asaph, and a lot more.

Listen to or download the podcast here, and check out the detailed show notes below….



  • Most influential album
  • Brain Eno or Daniel Lanois?
  • Dave’s story of faith
  • Life after salvation
  • Boy and His Kite
  • How Loud Harp was born
  • About the “Asaph” record
  • God and how he opens doors
  • Kickstarter funded
  • 73 – The first song

Songs From The Episode (in the order they are played)

  • (73) Nearness of You – Asaph, Loud Harp
  • (50) The Fire and The Blood – Asaph, Loud Harp
  • In Circles – Diary, Sunny Day Real Estate
  • (Untitled) – Loud Harp (Self-titled), Loud Harp
  • Cover Your Tracks – A Boy And His Kite, Single
  • Your Love Never Runs Out – Loud Harp (Self-titled), Loud Harp
  • (08) I’m Yours – Asaph, Loud Harp
  • On Solid Ground – Loud Harp (Self-titled), Loud Harp
  • (121) My Portion Forever – Asaph, Loud Harp
  • (73) Nearness of You – Asaph, Loud Harp

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Other Things Mentioned

Listen To Loud Harp

Your Love Never Runs Out

A Boy and His Kite