CMB 067: Meet Meredith Kinleigh

Here we are in episode 067 of the CMB Podcast! In this episode I was honored to interview a great new artist Meredith Kinleigh.

Listen To The Interview Below

My hope is that, through my music, I can deliver an honest message to my generation that is both relevant and transparent,” Meredith Kinleigh said. “I have a heart for people who are searching for truth – both believers and non-believers – and my desire is to share how a daily relationship with Christ can be life-giving.

Meredith Kinleigh, who has been involved with music ministry since she was young, currently leads worship each week at her father’s church. Her music career has included singing the National Anthem at minor league baseball games, co-directing and acting in local theatrical productions and singing as a soloist for weddings and other events.