Miles Nathan Fancher

Haven’t blogged in a while… All for good reason. As you can probably guess from this video, I’ve been busy.

I’m a happy new dad! I’d like to introduce to you the new addition to the Fancher family:

Weighing in at an even 7 lbs, Miles Nathan Fancher was born on June 4th, 2012 at 7:03am.

Katie went in to labor the morning before, and was in labor for a total of 23hrs.

I was pretty prepared for the “science side” of the delivery process (if I can put it that way), but I didn’t have a clue about how much the miracle of birth would impact me. I think I’m a different person after all of this.

Katie labored at home for most of that time and then we went to the hospital around 12:30 and we were admitted to a spaciously comfortable labor / delivery room around 1:00am. She then continued to labor until transition time (pushing) around 6:00am. She’s my hero.

Finally at 7:00am Miles was born!

We had planned beforehand that Katie would deliver drug free without any pain medication. All natural is the ideal way to go. Not that we’re against epidurals or inductions, but if you have no reason not to do it naturally go for it. Watch God give grace.

“Easy for you to say”, I hear a million women saying. Which is true. I will never fully grasp the hard work that Katie did, but I did see God give her grace and strength. He had to. She was unable to do it on her own. Pretty amazing.

We wanted to educate ourselves as much as possible about the birthing process. We took a class on what is commonly called the Bradley Method of Childbirth. Its focus is the side-by-side coaching approach from the husband, and the belief that a natural delivery process is better for the baby and the mother.

Here’s the big idea for us when it comes to delivering babies (in our opinion). Society (in the west especially) looks at birthing as a medical experience  and not a natural experience. This thing has been going on for thousands of years. It’s a normal part of human existence.

However, Katie’s a nurse. So she understands the good in the medical world. We believe a balanced approach is important. God has given us great advances in medicine and doctors, so there are certainly situations where drugs and/or medical procedures are necessary.

But enough about all that.

Back to our precious Miles…

I’ve created this gallery of his first 14 days for everyone to see.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers and encouragement during this sweet time!