Monday Mix (2)

A while back I did a post called Monday Mix, where I did a little round-up of several different things into one post.
Here’s number 2…

Living Way Church

Things are cranking up at our church. We’ve recently started a new afternoon program from 4-6 that has been a life-giving boost of energy, with small groups for children and adults.

We moved all our student ministries to this time as well, and God is doing some cool stuff there. Just being totally transparent, I’ve always resisted the title of “youth pastor”, (I used to have a problem stereotyping them) but I’ve loved it lately. Seeing God move in the lives of teenagers is pretty cool.

I’ve also been enjoying our Sunday mornings. Yesterday was awesome. We baptized 6 people yesterday after our main service, and I believe there’s much more to come.

New Holiday Music and Christmas Gigs

Yep it’s that time of year. Thanksgiving is a little over a week away, and you’ll be hearing those familiar tunes when you’re out and about. Many have already started playing them.

You might remember last year I put out some Christmas music for free, during the last four weeks of December. Well I’m setting a goal to add two more to the collection for you to enjoy this holiday season. I’ll keep you posted! Update: Didn’t meet that goal afterall … Epic fail. Oh well. Can’t do it all!

I also have some holiday-specific events coming up. I’m super stoked about doing another worship night, this time with a post-thanksgiving/pre-christmas emphasis, with Tim Hooker at Gate City Vineyard on Saturday December 1st. And later, on December the 11th, I’ll be at Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem with the WBFJ crew. I’ll have more details on these gigs soon at my LIVE page.

Politics and Perception

I must say it’s been a wild election year. I normally don’t write much about politics for obvious reasons, but I came across this illustration by Anthony Freda that got me thinking.

I know for many this seems totally strange, but I think it represents a mindset that is prevalent in our time.

Unfortunately this is how many people perceive politics. I think rightly so at times. It’s totally easy to get cynical about American politics these days with all the heated Facebook threads and debates out there. Here’s my little thought on this:

I want to get engaged with issues, but I never want to come across like one of these guys…

My Recent Blog Reading Round Up

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