Monday Mix (4)

podcastMy Monday Mix

It’s great to be back from a wonderful week of praying and getting clarity on some things.

Because of my retreat, I didn’t post anything for a week. I figured a Monday Mix post would be appropriate to kick things off again.

As usual, I plan on aggregating just a few things into one post.

Blog Schedule

Blogging is fun. But it’s also hard…

I’m actually cutting back my posting schedule a little so I can focus on getting a new project started. I mentioned in my last Monday Mix post that I was working towards a big change here at the blog. All of that will be revealed in a few weeks.

With the new direction, I’m also planning to launch a new podcast. In order to work on all of this, I need to give much of my time to the new launch. More deets on that soon!

Web Design

Speaking of all this web stuff, I need to take a moment and brag on my web developer bud, Robert Povelones. Robert is an up and coming designer with a great eye for where things are going online.

Design is important. In fact that whole “Content is King” saying is somewhat misleading. Read this post by Derek Halpern at Social Triggers to see why.

So. If you need a new look for your site, contact Robert. I’ve been working with him for years. We worked on Grace Church’s site in Chapel Hill, and also Living Way’s website.

I’m obviously big into all this interweb stuff, so if you have any questions about it. Hit me up!

New Music

It wouldn’t be a Monday Mix post if music wasn’t mentioned eh?

Meredith Andrews

I’ve been enjoying this new worship leader/ songwriter. Here’s the first track off her latest album Worth It All. This video is actually a Vertical Church Band video, but that is her singing in the band.

All Sons and Daughters

I honestly don’t know much about this band, except I keep hearing their name everywhere. I may do a review of their music soon, but this particular song is so catchy to me. It’s got great over all production and a fresh sound as well.


Changing it up here, but this dude is awesome. I’m a big EDM fan. I love it when techy-geek-ness and musicality collide. Check out this video of him doing a mash-up of 39 pop songs.

Liam Howard

I mentioned this guy last week, but wanted to share this specific song here at the blog. His voice is unique, yet relevant. I love his over all production style – the electronic blended with the organic. This is good stuff.

That’s it for this fourth edition of Monday Mix.

Recognize any of the songs in the Madeon video?

Don’t be shy. List them in the comment section below!