Nerves, Diet, and Your Vocal Health

I’ve been thinking a lot about vocal performace and it’s relation to health and wellness. I’m hoping to learn more about it and pass on helpful insights here on the blog.
As a singer I know what it’s like to get the jitters before you go on stage or into the studio. Some people say nerves are good, but others don’t always agree.

A little nervousness or stage fright can be healthy, but too much will wreck your vocal performance. You won’t breathe right and the muscles responsible for voice control will be tense, which can cause a chain reaction that you don’t want to take place. Make sure that your nerves aren’t linked to a bigger problem: Stress.

Stress is an epidemic in our modern society. And more times than not, stress isn’t just linked to our schedules, but to our diets. We all agree that the things we put in our bodies can make a big difference to our over all health, but how often do we apply that to our singing abilities? Being active and eating right goes a long way, especially as it relates to singing.

Make sure and keep a watch on the unhealthy foods in your diet that cause stress. Here’s a helpful article on the basic things to watch in your diet. Things like caffeine, alcohol, and sugar are commonly known for having a negative affect on your health when they’re consumed in excess.

I usually try and get some herbal tea just before I sing. It’s good for the vocal folds, and has a calming affect on the body. Be sure to check out Borage Tea and it’s benefits.

So we’ll start there. More to come later on best practices for vocal health and performance.

Find out more on Borage Tea and it’s direct link to singing from this article by David Katz.