On Vacation

Katie and I will be on vacation the next two weeks with our families. This week we’ll be in Florida with the Fanchers and the following week will be spent with the Helds at the family’s beach house north of Wilmington, NC. We are so looking forward to a lengthy time of fellowship with family, rest, and a "re centering" of ourselves on God. Katie just recently passed her NCLEX Exam (Nursing Boards) so we can truly celebrate with her being officially done with school!

I’m just getting into some new books on this trip. I’ll be finishing Worship Matters and just beginning Why We’re Not Emergent (By Two Guys Who Should Be) and The Doctrines of Grace….  and of course I’ll be bringing my ESV Bible.

Also: Check out my videos page for some youtube clips of a Bob Kauflin interview and another clip from a powerful Mark Driscoll message.

This morning I was reading in Ephesians being fed again by the glory of God’s grace in Christ. Remember the centrality of the gospel of grace should always remind us of God’s sovereignty, never cease to amaze us, always lead us deeper into his love, continually transform us to put others first, and of course to treasure God himself above all things….