Content Marketing For Musicians

In this new series of the T.I.M. Talks podcast, we’ll be talking about content marketing for musicians.
This post will grow and change as new episodes in the series will be added to it.

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Content Marketing For Musicians

Content marketing is all the rage these days. Seems like everyone and there mother’s uncle is a content marketing guru, trying to sell you their over priced SEO services.

For better or for worse, content marketing isn’t just a buzz phrase, but a real thing that is here to stay.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is simply the use of free content – whether it’s a blog post, or a video, or a podcast episode, or an info graphic – to serve an audience looking for a specific solution to a real problem.

Quality content marketing is the combination of keyword research, search engine optimization, and some kind of conversion on a call to action. You have them on your site, you have done well, but it doesn’t end there. Converting them into a subscriber or a lead is that hard to get next step.

Listen back to this series each week to get my thoughts on how musicians and artists should be leveraging content marketing in their music career to build an audience online.

#21 What’s Your DAW? (And The Winner Of April Drawing)

In this episode I announce the winner of the April TIM Talks drawing…

Congrats to Stephen Cowart!!

What’s Your Favorite DAW?

In this episode I ask the question, “what’s your DAW of choice?”

If you’re not sure what a D.A.W. is, it stands for digital audio workstation. It’s basically the software you use when you record. So what is your recording software of choice?

Protools? Reason? Ableton? Logic? Cuebase?

Let me know in the comments of today’s episode!

#19 Learn How To Launch

This is part one of a talk about learning how to launch. Not just release, but launch.
Episodes 19 and 20 are together. Get the show notes here.

BONUS: The Tangible Value Of Art

So I had a thought while driving in the car the other day. I figured I’d just record it…. Literally.