Pinterest Is For Dudes Too(And other things I’m learning)

So this is my first day in my 10 Blogs, 30 Days commitment. I’m gonna have my work cut out for me. This little challenge has turned into a large to-do list as well. I’m sure it will vary from day to day, but there will be much to learn and a lot to apply.
First and foremost, especially in light of this post by Rob Rash, I need to hold all of this before the Lord.

Like Rob, I totally enjoy blogging. I’ve been blogging since 2003 when Blogger first came out. Writing is therapeutic for me. I was encouraged by Rob’s transparency with regard to his own blogging getting out of balance. His openness about this struggle was very good for me to read. Especially as I’m embarking on this silly, 30 day frenzy.

Leading Worship and Songwriting

David Santisteven has written an excellent post here on the wonderful privilege of worship leading. There have been many Sunday mornings over the years where I simply did not want to get out of bed. And even when things seem to be great and up-beat, it’s easy to get thrown into the craziness of the Sunday morning to-do list.

I don’t have to lead worship…. I get to.

I also downloaded David’s two eBooks. One on songwriting, and another called Beyond Sunday, on establishing a strong worship team. The second one is free when you sign up for his newsletter. Totally excited about diving into these two things.

Geeking over loops and… Pinterest

I remember seeing a tweet recently by Jim Gray that got me thinking. He was sharing a Pinterest board for people to follow, and I was intrigued by it because he was the first guy I’ve seen with a Pinterest account (and it was a pin-board for the upcoming Hobbit film which is awesome).

I know many of you know men who are probably on Pinterest, but I guess I’ve just always thought it was for the ladies. Until his tweet. Naturally I was intrigued. Keep in mind all I’ve known about Pinterest is what my mom, sister, or wife have told me.

Then there was this post by Fred McKinnon that made me rethink everything even more. Jim started it, but Fred’s thoughts made me want to lay down my unwarranted male pride and sign up for an account. Yes that’s right – you can now follow me on Pinterest here. What I already believed, regarding the amazing potential of social technology, forces me to do a mind-shift on Pinterest.

I’m also planning to get down-and-techy with www.Loop I could relate so much with this article, as I’ve tried using Ableton on Sundays a handful of times.

There’s a ton of homework I’ll be taking away from these peeople.

Other Stuff I Read Today…

  • Learn what athletics and singing have in common here.
  • See what makes a song “great” here.
  • Artists: See why the title of whatever you create is immensely important here.
  • Learn a lesson in how to foster creativity from John Cordes and his #7in7 project here.
  • Check out this engaging debate on the baptism of the Holy Spirit here at Adrian Warnock’s blog.
  • Are your tools for worship ministry slowing you down? Check out this helpful blog series by Chris Vacher.

More to come from these 10 Blogs over the next several days.