Psalm 29

Hey friends… Some of you may know my song "Psalm 29". I have the Strangely Dim version of the song on my myspace. Strangely Dim Vol 1 is a 5 song ep that I recorded in 05 and made public last Spring. Strangely Dim is just a simple series of what I call "Laptop Demos". I plan to be releasing more volumes of these "Laptop Demos" over time. It’s really just a different and fun way to bring in a little more of the electronic, ambient bells and whistles that I like to do.

The first volume with "Psalm 29" was all recorded in Apple’s Garage Band, which I give credit to sparking my interest in recording my own albums. When I was with Mali I knew some of the technical ins and outs of recording, but never had the desire to learn more. Thanks to Garage Band, I’ve developed more of an interest in the software side of midi and audio production… It’s great to be creative with an instrument and a note pad, but being able to create the song’s recorded expression takes the process to a whole other level.

Click on the blue button to go check it out.

Hope everyone is dong well and enjoying God.