Rediscovering The Psalms

Wg088012929300x200Just returned home from WorshipGod08. What an incredible time of worshiping Jesus and learning from what the Psalms teach us about him.

There were many things that I got from the conference that I hope to be sharing in the coming weeks. I have a lot to meditate on and pray over. I will say this:

As worship leaders we must be reminded, time and time again, that the grounds by which we worship are the infinite revelations of God’s glory as seen in the gospel. Tomorrow morning when I lead worship at Grace Church I need the help of the Holy Spirit to lead his people into a greater understanding of who Christ is and what he’s done for us at the cross. Such simple, cognitive truths can so easily fly by us as we sing. And those very truths are the truths that transform us!

God has promised that His word would not return to Him void. His word will accomplish what it was set out to do. We must be faithful to clearly connect the God-centered truths in the words we sing to people’s real life situations; Then we can trust that God, by His Spirit, will do the work in people’s hearts that causes them to worship….  Worship leaders are not called to do that work. Worship leaders are called to point the way to God who has already started the work and who is also faithful to complete it.

Sovereign Grace Music has just released their latest cd called Psalms. In this age of "Modern Worship" with a new band out every month, you will be hard pressed to find many other songs for corporate praise and worship with the same biblical depth and highly intentional Christ-centeredness.

Grace and peace,