CMB 010 : Discovering Fresh Christian Music with Stephen Bradley

gcmDiscovering new music that is fresh and innovative is a great way to be inspired in your own music making. I know that whenever I’m listening to something great, it helps me think of new ways to write and make music of my own.
In this session of the CMB Podcast, I speak with Stephen Bradley, founder and editor of The GCM Blog. His site is dedicated to exposing great artists who are people of faith.

As an artist myself, I have found that it is crucially important to understand what makes music fans tick. Why do certain artists get so much of a buzz around them? What makes their YouTube video go more “viral” then the next guy?

I decided to reach out to Stephen and talk with him about his perspective as a music fan who listens to a lot of different music. If you’re an artist, you must understand what keeps your listeners, fans, people in your church – whoever they are – engaged in your music. And not only that, but also eager to share it with their friends…

Stephen is the kind of music fan that knows what people like and want to hear more of.

And his blog proves it…

What’s so cool is that his blog name is similar to ours:

Rather than being all weird and competitive (like some bloggers in Christendom unfortunately are…) I decided to promote the site instead. In fact, we’re going to be partnering together on several things as time goes by, and have him swing by the site and the podcast regularly…

…We have much to learn from him.

Listen to or download the podcast here, and check out the detailed show notes below….


In our conversation we talked about the following things:

  • The story and mission behind GCM
  • Being challenged by music you might not normally listen to
  • Stories of artists being discovered through GCM
  • Making unique music that is your own
  • What Stephen is currently listening to
  • Submitting your music for the GCM YouTube channel

Important artists and links to check out:

Want to submit your music to be reviewed or highlighted?

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