CMB 012 : Daniel Renstrom on Worship Ministry, Family Worship, and More

daniel-renstromIn the 12th edition of the CMB Podcast, I speak with worship pastor and songwriter, Daniel Renstrom.
His latest album, Jesus Wants My Heart, is designed to serve families in their worship together. I was really challenged in this area as I heard Daniel’s story behind the record. As a songwriter myself, I can forget that the audience (if I can call them that) in front of me each day is my family. They’re watching me. They’re watching my example.

I model something each day whether I’m realizing it or not.

So… Write a song for your spouse. Write a song for your kids. I’m not saying it has to be about them necessarily, though that would be good too.  I’m saying you and I should be thinking of them when we’re writing the song. Write it for them…

Need some inspiration?

Get Daniel’s album at iTunes here.

The Local Church

At the end of the episode, I mention Mark Dever’s book Nine Marks of a Healthy Church. If you listened to session 9 of the podcast, you’ll remember this guy’s name.

Us musical types have a lot we can learn from the non-musical types. (Mark is actually musical though… just as an aside).

You just probably wouldn’t call him an “artist”. He’s a teaching and preaching pastor who has a heart for serving and resourcing the local church.

Why are guys like this crucial to learn from?

Your mission as a musical person of faith is inseparable from the mission of the local church. Don’t think you can separate the two. I understand that this can be subject with a lot of potential land mines, but here’s the big idea:

Us right brain people need to be plugged into the life a community that loves God’s word. Don’t miss this. Get the book here.

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