CMB 014 : All About Worshipwith Wisdom Moon

wisdom_moonSuper excited about this week’s episode on the CMB Podcast.
In the 14th session, I speak with founder of and, Wisdom Moon. But first…

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Aren’t sure what this podcast is all about? CMB Podcast is a podcast designed for people of faith that make music. You hear it right in the opener of each and every episode.

We are all about the conversation of music making through eyes of faith. We get practical, we get theological, we get philosophical.

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If you are a Christian musician – and by that I simply mean a person of faith who is musical – there are a lot of things to talk about with regard to your worldview of music in general. Your creativity and how it relates to the mission of God and the local church, is vastly important.

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All About Worship with Wisdom Moon

And now for today’s podcast episode…

Wisdom Moon is doing a lot. He’s a songwriter, a worship leader, a podcaster, a husband, and dad of 3…. he’s the founder of, a website committed to resourcing worship leaders in the local church, and is providing high value to musicians, songwriters, and leaders.

Here are a few of the things we talked about:

  • His personal story of faith and music making
  • How All About Worship was born
  • Exciting things about the future of “worship music”
  • Concerns about the current trend of “worship music”
  • The ministries of Chris Tomlin and Matt Kearney
  • Songwriting seasons and the busyness of life
  • The story behind the song You Are My Hope and how you can help the tornado victims of Oklahoma
  • Tools for songwriters and worship leaders

Important links mentioned in this episode:

Alright my friends… That’s it for episode 14.