CMB 019 : Fuel Your Productivity with D.O.S.E. (Part 2)

The feature segment of this week’s episode is part two of the new series, Fuel Your Productivity with D.O.S.E. (Part 2)

Do you know how many times I’ve made excuses for my disorganization? And how often I blame my personality?

Organization is not a personality issue, it’s a wisdom issue.

I used to really envy highly organized people. I used to think that I needed a different personality, and a different soul structure all together to be as organized as I wanted to be.

I loved the thought of being organized.

Being on top of everything, having it all together. Having everything accounted for, every e-mail replied to and processed. Every dollar tracked down perfectly and under budget. My instruments maintained perfectly. Batteries replaced on time, fresh guitar strings on a regular basis, my schedule flowing like a well oiled machine…

You can relate right?

Who out there actually enjoys being scattered and stressed out? None of us like the idea of running around like headless chickens do we?

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We long to be more organized because we intuitively know that we’ll have more time, more resources, and more motivation to get to work and be more productive.

I think often, we wrongly associate organization with personalty types.

Here’s my definition of organization…

Organization: A collection of previously thought about ideas that help a system or process run more smoothly…

Good ideas are all rooted in wisdom.

Organization is not a personality issue, it’s a wisdom issue.

In this episode, I tell you what the Bible says about this, why it’s important, and what to do about it. I ask you to think about the area in your life where you’re the most disorganized. I then ask you to think of someone you know of who’s really wise and knowledgeable in that area. Chances are, they’re very organized in that area too.

Learn from them. Ask them questions. Adopt their systems and tools for organization.

He who walks with the wise will be wise…
Proverbs 13:20

Tools I Use To Stay Organized

These were note mentioned in the podcast, but I use these tools every day…

  • Mailbox (for iOS) This is a fantastic approach to staying on top of e-mail.
  • Evernote – THE BEST for note taking, and never forgetting anything.
  • YNAB – A fresh look at tracking your money and keeping a budget
  • Google Drive – Word docs, Spreadsheets, and anything you need stored online
  • 30/30 – A great time management app that keeps you task. Very helpful!

Evernote Songwriting Method

If you’ve been around CMB at all, you’ve heard about this. This is a great way to use Evernote (as mentioned above) for your songwriting. Never forget your ideas, and constantly sit down to write with inspiration waiting on you. Not the other way around…

Other Items Mentioned


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