CMB 027: Dave Kraft and the Importance of Learning How To Lead

John Maxwell is known for saying “everything rises or falls on leadership”. This is true not only for POTUS and the obvious ones who have “excelled”, but this also includes the right-brain solo artist who flies by the seat of their pants.
In this session of the CMB Podcast, I speak with leadership coach Dave Kraft. We talk about what leadership looks like for folks who don’t naturally fit into the “type A” mold that people often think of when the subject of leadership emerges.

Everyone needs to learn how to lead themselves. No one is exempt from growing. To move yourself from where you currently are, to a place you see in your mind’s eye, is leadership.

And, I believe, artists lead others in their own way. No artist is an island unto themselves. Somewhere in this world there is a person who resonates with your music and songwriting. They’re simply waiting to be lead by your gift as an artist.


Dave’s book Leaders Who Last really impacted my life not only in my life as a ministry leader at my church and with my band, but also in my personal life. His insights helped me find clarity and focus in the over-arching life purpose the God has called me to.

Listen to or download the podcast here, and check out the detailed show notes below….


Here’s what Dave and I covered:

  • The story of his conversion
  • Working at the US post office
  • Dave’s work with the Navigators
  • Why leadership matters for everyone
  • Leading yourself
  • Why intentionality is important
  • Dave’s definition of leadership
  • Go from where you are to where you want to go
  • Leading with focus and rest
  • The Leadership Wheel
  • Vertical (power and purpose)
  • Horizontal (priorities and pacing)
  • Daily spiritual disciplines
  • What’s the number one priority?
  • Power principles
  • Practical tip for active minds during devotions
  • Ezra 7
  • Council for burned out people
  • Ideal week and balance
  • Proactive rather than reactive
  • Capacity and knowing who you are
  • Examples of burned out folks who changed their ways
  • Sabbath as a principle
  • One day off won’t save you
  • The weakness of being a doer and not a delegator
  • Get a road builder
  • Encouraged by the young people
  • His latest book Mistakes Leaders Make

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