CMB 029 : Stephen Miller And An Appeal To Worship Leaders

stephenmillerimageThis week, I have a very encouraging conversation to share with you.
Stephen Miller, worship leader and author of the new book Worship Leaders We Are Not Rock Stars, is bringing a much needed reminder to worship leaders and artists.

It’s a reminder about how our identity isn’t in our songs, our ministries, our art, or the praise or rejection of people.

Our identity is in the true rock star Himself: Jesus our sovereign savior.

This is a huge issue. We live in a time of big stages, and bright lights. Smoke machines and large video screens mark the weekly life of our worship in many of the local churches across the country. Not that these are innately wrong.

It’s just that it’s more important than ever to guard our hearts and remind ourselves daily of what really matters.

Rather than throwing stones at the “worship industry”, Stephen, pastorally reminds us of a better way. A higher and more satisfying call on the life of every worship leader – being accepted in Christ. Being a Christian.

Listen to or download the podcast here, and check out the detailed show notes below….


Here are the highlights of our conversation

  • Stephen’s story of faith
  • How he became a worship leader
  • Itinerant ministry to local church ministry
  • Biblical worship leading
  • The heart behind the new book
  • The changing landscape of worship music
  • A practical book for worship teams and leaders
  • How writing the book challenged Stephen
  • How to work hard as unto the Lord
  • What are you laboring for?
  • The priesthood of believers
  • What is “liturgy” anyway?
  • How Stephen’s team prepares every week
  • Isaiah 6 and planning a worship service
  • The new album All Hail The King

Stephen’s Links

I also mentioned a great guest post here at CMB by Kristen Gilles. It ties in to one of the things Stephen and I talked about regarding Matthew 25 and the parable of the talents.

Check it out here.