CMB 030 : Introducing the Music of Claybrook

This may be one of my favorite podcast episodes so far.


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how worship pastors should be developing the artistic side of what they do, simply as people of faith who make music. In last week’s podcast, I interviewed Stephen Miller about his new book, Worship Leaders: We Are Not Rock Stars. It’s a great book. One that all worship leaders should read. One of the chapters that really stood out to me was chapter 8 entitled, We Are Artists.

Claybrook is one of those artists. He’s a worship leader at his church, and he’s an artist in his city.

In session 30 of the podcast, I had him come in to the studio to talk about his new release On The Inside. Under the title of his last name, Stephen Claybrook has released the most authentic EP I’ve heard in a long time.

Download it at iTunes here.

We talked about several different things surrounding the process of how the EP was recorded, including the subject of worship pastors being artists outside the church building, as they create and share their art in the cities they live in.

Listen or download the podcast here, and scroll below for more details, notes, and links….


Here are a few of the other items we touched on:

  • Stephen’s story of faith and music
  • His time growing up in Nashville
  • Working in the CCM industry
  • His 12 years at Crosspointe Church
  • His time writing in the cabin
  • The story behind the song Fear
  • What is a legit recording?
  • Connecting and making friends right where you are
  • The story behind the song Accuser
  • Is there any value in ambiguity?
  • Being musical in your community
  • Awesome tuning – CGDGBD

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