CMB 034 : Tim Challies on Technology

Tim-Challies-PicThis week on the CMB podcast I share with you my conversation with author and blogger, Tim Challies.
We talked about a handful of things, but primarily discussed the effects of technology and the digital explosion in the life of the believer. Specifically Christian musicians.

It was both an encouraging and a challenging conversation that I’m sure will get you thinking.

Listen to or download the podcast here, and check out the detailed show notes below….


Here are the highlights

  • Tim’s story of faith
  • How he got started blogging and writing
  • Writing daily
  • Why daily habits helps you grow
  • Balancing family, writing, and ministry
  • Tim’s recent book The Next Story
  • How technology affects everyone
  • A Christian worldview of technology
  • Social media and privacy
  • Twitter and retweeting
  • Concerns and excitement about popular Christian music
  • How should we define “congregational”?
  • What makes a song easy to sing?

Here are Tim’s links

Other items mentioned

What do you think makes a song easy to sing?

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