CMB 035 : Jimmy Lakey on Concert Promotion, Artist Management, and Adoption

JimmyLakeyPresents_Logo(web)2 How does business and ministry work well together? Is it possible?
Today on the podcast, I was joined by my good friend Jimmy Lakey. Jimmy is a renaissance man and entrepreneur who has started several businesses, from concert promotion, artist management, and even pursuits in public service and politics.

Listen to the podcast here, and scroll below for more details, notes, and links….


Here’s some of what we talked about…

  • Jimmy’s start
  • Concert promotion defined
  • How concert promotion have changed the last ten years
  • Is business bad?
  • Advice for indie artists
  • Build the following
  • Growing in your craft
  • Jimmy’s current view of CCM
  • The story of adopting their son River
  • How River’s adoption tied to starting a non-profit for orphans
  • Rwanda and rebuilding
  • Sponsorship

Jimmy’s Sites

Other things mentioned

For Fun

Here’s Daniel Bashta and David Crowder singing Daniel’s song, Like A Lion.