CMB 036 : Tim Timmons

Tim Timmons got a wake up call when his doctor told him that he had an incurable cancer with 5 years to live.

12 years later, Tim has been used by God all over the country to see the church embrace the message of God’s Kingdom, and what it means to radically follow Jesus. Tim is exemplary in his approach to being joyful and Christ-centered in the midst of suffering.

Tim’s current album Cast My Cares was released on Reunion Records last June with the singles “Cast My Cares” and “Starts With Me”. His music can pretty much be heard on just about any Christian radio station out there. But even in the midst of his current success, Tim would rather keep it simple and talk about the wonderful adventure of following Jesus.

The recurring theme all over today’s podcast is dying to the building of our own kingdoms, and actually believing the things Jesus has said to us in His word about His kingdom.

Here’s Some of What We Discussed

  • Tim’s Story
  • Letting your kingdom die
  • John 15 and being pruned
  • Actually living as though the Bible was true
  • The children’s record, Songs and Daughters
  • Being aware of God’s Kingdom
  • How Tim balances touring
  • What Tim would say to his younger self
  • How is resting not burying your talent?