CMB 038 : Paul Baloche and Christmas Worship

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! If you’re like my family, you’ll be breaking out the Christmas decorations this weekend, and gearing up for the holiday season.
With all the festive frenzy, there’s bound to be some Christmas music in the mix right? For the Fancher family, a frequently played record will be Paul Baloche’s Christmas Worship.

It was a privilege to get a little time with Paul on today’s podcast. We talked about a handful of things. One, in particular, is a Christmas songwriting challenge for worship leaders during December.

Listen or download the podcast here, and scroll below for more details, notes, and links….


Some other highlights

  • Paul’s first worship song
  • Don’t TRY to write
  • Songwriting tips for worship songs
  • Biblically informed lyrics
  • Songs on the new album Christmas Worship
  • Live/Studio hybrid Production
  • O Come Emmanuel
  • Musical influences from culture
  • The story of Your Name (Christmas version)
  • Paul’s homework assignment for worship leaders this December
  • Nashville numbering system
  • International ministry