CMB 042 : Harness Inspiration (2013 Wrap Up Part 4)

CMB.podcast.cover3As we wrap up 2013, I want to get highly practical and provide you with some ideas, tips, and tactics that you can take into your new year, to see immediate results.
Taking action and putting one foot in front of the other, is the only way to grow in anything. Even in our walk with Christ, we aren’t merely hearers of the word, but doers.

It’s in our doing that we learn and grow the most.

Action is a huge part of anything in life. No one sits around on their hands to watch things magically happen.

I want to give you a few ways to quickly be on the path towards a GREAT new year. These are 4 things every musician should do in 2014…

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CMB 042 : Harness Inspiration (decode the mystery of creativity)

Harness Inspiration

In this last podcast of 2013, we wrap up the year with an overview of how inspiration works with perspiration.

We also look at an overview of how I use Evernote to practically bring inspiration and perspiration together in a system that works like a songwriting factory.

However, at the heart of success in 2014 you won’t find a technique or pragmatic tip to make into a New Year’s resolution. Instead, you’ll find that a simple, yet deep delight in Jesus will fuel you and keep you going throughout the year.

To avoid burnout in your hard work, you need the energy and activity of the Holy Spirit. If He is your source of inspiration, you’ll succeed.

What System Do You Use To Harness Inspiration?

Let us know in the comments!