CMB 045 : The Songwriting of Sean Carter

Today on the podcast I’m delighted to introduce you to Sean Carter.

No. Not Shawn Carter. But singer/songwriter and worship leader, Sean Carter.
If you’re not already, you’ll be a fan of his after today’s episode. His heart for Jesus and serving others is contagious, and, not only does it come through in his music, but it also comes through in his everyday life.

Listen to the podcast here, and scroll below for more detailed notes and links….



  • Sean’s story of faith
  • Transitioning to becoming a full-time artist
  • Co-writing and insecurity
  • The unity of the Spirit in co-writing
  • Disciplines for songwriters
  • Writing consistently
  • Thinking of the people in the church
  • Becoming a student of other great songs
  • Ask what are people currently listening to?
  • The story behind “The Telling”
  • The Great Divorce
  • Loving the one that you tell, not the the telling of it
  • The story of the song “Passion Song”
  • GMA Immerse 2012 Songwriter of the Year
  • The Emerging Sound – Jennie Lee Riddle
  • Child like creativity that pleases God
  • Heart check

Links for Sean

What Sean Is Currently Listening To

Other Items Mentioned