CMB 046 : The CMB Songwriting Checklist

[alert heading=”UPDATE FALL OF 2015″ type=”success”]The checklist mentioned in this episode is now a part of a 3 part video series on songwriting. Get the checklist along with a bundle of worksheets, song drafting templates, and an eBook on using Evernote for songwriting, all in this FREE 3 part video series on songwriting.[/alert] CMB.podcast.cover3

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve done a podcast! Excited to be back in the swing of things.

Today on the podcast, I go over a 10 part checklist to send your song through.

You may be feeling stuck and unable to finish a song. I have several fragments of songs that I’ve felt stuck on for months. Sometimes the song is waiting on you to sit down and really give it the attention it needs.

Listen to the podcast here, and scroll below for more detailed notes and links….


Even if you’re feeling good about your song, by going through this checklist, you’ll only be making sure that your song gets all the attention it needs, from every angel of what makes for a strong song.

Other Items Mentioned

Question for you….

How do you know when your song is finished?

Let us know in the comments below….