CMB 007 : Joe Day of Mars Hill Church

joedayIn this episode, I spoke with worship pastor from Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Joe Day. Joe is a family man, a songwriter, and he oversees the worship ministries at two of Mars Hill’s campuses. He has a lot on his plate, so I was grateful for the time to sit down with him.
As I mentioned in the session, I have a few more notes than normal for this particular episode. We talked about a lot!

I bolded the primary things that jumped out to me.

Clarity Over Creativity

I think this is so important. It certainly applies to you if you’re serving as a worship leader in a collective, congregational context. If you’re writing songs for Church gatherings this is huge…

What’s the point of the gathering? What’s the big idea? Is it Jesus?

The point is this:

…Make it obvious.

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Here are few of the things that were said:

  • Joe’s songwriting story in the Seattle music scene:
  • His old Gibson LGO and considering the lyrics
  • Joshua Tree experience
  • Played drums in bands first
  • Had no intention of being a pastor
  • Bands as a ministry, but not a part of a local church….. freedom?? Nope.
  • The need for pastoral oversight
  • Visited a church and kept going
  • The band almost signed a contract, but he felt called to the local church
  • 1998, the first Acts 29 church plant
  • Songwriting as a pastor…. Does it change??
  • Every song is a worship song?
  • Worship songs according to Mars Hill: Crist centered, congregational, and musically accesible
  • Their desire is for people to meet Jesus…. Their music serves that desire
  • The distinction between congregational (or “church worship”) vs. non-congregational
  • Clarity over creativity
  • Paul in 1 Cor giving up his freedom for the sake of others
  • Don’t think less of creativity, but rather, employ it to clearly communicate Jesus….
  • So…. lyrics that are clearly Christ centered…
  • Not leaving things hanging in the air, but seeing things resolved… in Christ
  • Gospel being the center and not leaving much to abstraction….
  • Avoiding buzz phrases that sound good but don’t say much
  • The flip side of this is thinking of the people who are unchurched
  • Wanting people to know Jesus…. experiencing his love and grace
  • Art for only art’s sake is dangerous…. (but art should be highly valued…)
  • Is Jesus higher than everything else?
  • Band in the club (non “worship music”): What are you trying to accomplish? What are your convictions?
  • Leading worship in the church teaches you how to arrange music that helps people respond, which helps you when you’re playing music “out there”
  • At the same time…. have a space for experimentation
  • His album Grace
  • Currently, pastoral ministry is taking up time and giving him a full plate
  • Joe’s songwriting process (and EVERNOTE)
  • Pennies in the Bank… (ESM!!!!!!)
  • Writing lots of verses… then picking the best!!
  • don’t stop at just your first three four verses
  • His co-writing experiences – Death to Life (Tooth and Nail… Nate Garvey)
  • Writing in solitude vs co-writing
  • Mars Hill Music
  • Encouragement in the Great Commission (make disciples, plant churches)
  • Jesus is with us!!! He should be the vision
  • Work backward from there….. Location > Tulsa? > How do people in the city respond to music… what are they responding to?
  • There’s nothing sacred about a “worship team”
  • Elevate the vision, and people will sacrifice their time and comfort
  • If people are energized with what you’re doing then, burn out is the last thing on their mind….
  • All the forms that we employ are tweak-able!! Nothing about the forms are sacred…

Joe’s Links

Twitter – @joeday

 2013 Mars Hill Music

Tooth and Nail and Mars Hill Music is getting the music and message out…

Here are some of the bands:


Ghost Ship

Dustin Kensrue

Kings Kaleidoscope

And make sure to visit the music site here –

Twitter – @marshillmusic

Other Things Mentioned (for ESM – Evernote Songwriting Method)

5 Reasons to Kill “Christian Music” – (What do you think?)

***This article is philosophically meaty. It requires you to be actively engaged with your thinking cap on as you read it. It’s provocative and insightful on certain points, but I think there is a good chance for him to be misunderstood at the same time, so certain things need to be clarified (in my opinion…)

I’ve considered writing a blog post in response to it at some point so standby for that…

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