CMB 009 : Doxology and Theology with Matt Boswell

doxandtheoIn this session of the CMB Podcast, I speak with pastor and songwriter Matt Boswell.
Along with leading worship and writing songs for his own church, Matt is also an author and published songwriter with Lifeway.

You can purchase his new book, Doxology and Theology: How the Gospel Forms the Worship Leader, at Amazon here.

The book, speaking from what has recently been coined as the “gospel-centered” movement, is an important voice for worship leaders and musicians across the globe. Here’s just a short excerpt from the introduction of the book that gets to the heart of what it’s all about:

This is a critical time in the life of the church. The church is in desperate need of worship that is biblical, theological, and pastoral. May God use this book to equip you as you seek to understand doxology, theology, and the role of the worship leader.

Listen to or download the podcast here, and check out the detailed show notes below….


In our conversation we touched on the following things:

  • Matt’s personal story of coming to faith in Christ
  • His early musical influences in songwriting
  • The vision behind the new book
  • The first Gospel Coalition worship album
  • Should worship leaders go to seminary?
  • Leading your family in worship
  • Things encouraging and things concerning about the “Worship Music Industry”
  • Music and the mission of God
  • Does the world really need your new worship song?
  • Music making in its proper place under God’s word

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