Set List Sunday (16)

Being Needy

We had a great morning yesterday. We were back in our sermon series on Hebrews. We focused on what the Father’s discipline looks like (Hebrews 12:3-13).

A few oldies (like within 10 years) are always good to do again. It seems like the shelf life of a worship song these days, generally speaking, is pretty short. I try to rotate songs from all over the timeline in such a way that old songs that haven’t been done in a while are actually fresh again.

Like Enough by Chris Tomlin. It’s been years since I lead that song. But there was something fresh about it that hit me as I was looking through my song book planing the service. In our call to worship before we started singing I read from Psalm 63God you are my God… Earnestly I seek You… 

The Psalm is a powerful confession of need, and how it is God alone who meets that need. Following that we sang the words “You are my supply, my breath of life… still more awesome than I know…”

Many times in our churches we jump too quickly to the ra-ra-pep-rally-rock-and-roll-smoke-and-lights-circus-worship. I’m all for celebration and having a good time (Christians should be the best at it).

But let’s not forget how vital it is to re-calibrate our minds, thinking often of our dependency on God. It is that idea that set the tone for our singing yesterday.

Our Song List:

Enough (Tomlin)

Sing To The King (Foote)

All Because of Jesus (Fee)

Our Great God (Ortega/Powell)

Lord I Need You (Tomlin)