Set List Sunday (21)

This Morning’s Songs

Each Sunday I try to post our song list before the worship service at Living Way Church.

Though I look forward to every set whenever I lead worship, there is something about these songs that I’m particularly excited about.

Advent is a wonderful time of year, but if we’re not careful we can approach it in a perfunctory way. I think we’ve all been guilty of doing this with our traditions at one time or another.

For us in the new covenant, it’s easy for us to do it year after year because it’s on the church calendar. With that kind of attitude, it would be hard for us to feel the same weight that the first saints would have felt before Jesus came.

Prior to Jesus’ coming there was a such a strong sense of longing in the midst of unsettledness and confusion. Holding on to God’s promise of a coming savior, spoken through the prophets, was at the heart of that first Advent season. And I believe that we can, by the help of the Holy Spirit, have that same longing for the Lord in the 21st century.

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

So this morning when we sing a song like O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, I pray that God illuminates our minds to the wonder of his promise. He will come. He has indeed come! And yes, he will come again.

That’s how we can honestly sing songs like Tomlin’s Lord I Need You. We live in the Kingdom’s tension of the “already and the not-yet”, continually confessing that we never lose our need for our savior.

Whatever church you’re in today, may God fill you with hunger as His word is proclaimed; thus, giving you a deeper satisfaction in Jesus.

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