Soundcloud For Podcasting

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Soundcloud For Podcasting

In this video I show you how to use Soundcloud as your media host while keeping your own RSS feed using the PowerPress plugin for WordPress.

Soundcoud is quickly gaining speed in the media hosting world. Many popular podcasters are using Soundcloud as their media host for the following reasons.

Reasons To Use Soundcloud For Your Podcast Media Hosting:

1) It’s Cheaper For Active Podcasters

It’s cheaper to use Soundcloud for media hosting when you post a lot of episodes.

Let’s say you do a show twice a week like me. With Libsyn I would currently pay a little over $20 a month for the amount of media hosting I would need.

If I did a daily show, I would pay over $40 a month.

With SoundCloud I get UNLIMITED audio storage for $15 a month.

But there’s another reason….

2) SoundCloud is to audio as YouTube is to video

SoundCloud has a quickly growing user base of content creators, musicians, and fans of audio in general. By using SoundCloud as your media host, your podcast subscribers’ downloads count as plays on SoundCloud.

This means that you can quickly get visible even if you have a modestly sized audience.

Under “explore” and then “trending audio” (not trending music), the play numbers aren’t huge. It wouldn’t be hard for a podcast to be discovers within SoundCloud itself.

The social / shareable element makes SoundCloud unique as well.

As I’m sure you know, users can comment on the timeline of your audio right within the audio player itself.

Which brings me to the next reason….

3) The audio player is stunningly unmatched, and you can embed it ANYWHERE.

There’s not much else to say about that….


Soundcloud For Podcasters

“You can’t control your feed….”

This is true, but you simply do what I do (along with many other savvy SoundCloud podcasters).

Simply get the mp3 URL by getting the audio ID # (found in the embed code) and the title of your audio file, and plug it into this:”ID Number”-“Track-Title”.mp3

Now you have direct download file of your audio mp3, and can copy and paste it when you publish the episode at WordPress.

I suggest you use the PowerPress plugin by Blubrry.

“It’s too new!!”

Well that’s just fuddy-duddy my friend!!


I suggest you at least use SoundCloud as a secondary option if it still makes you nervous.

The reality is this: I have heard Jamie (podcast guy at SoundCloud) say that they are very eager to work with podcasters to preserve the freedom of the podcaster while give them the tools to move forward with great technology.

Something like that….

Soundcloud for podcast (the right way) is the way I’ve decided to go!