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Let me tell you a little secret about what makes the internet work:
Speaking up.

When you “retweet”, or “like”, or “repost”, or “tumble”, you are basically becoming an evangelist for some product, cause, or message that you have no problem getting behind. Bands, businesses, churches, and other organizations know how powerful word-of-mouth is for their message or brand.

In my opinion, it’s the most exciting thing about the internet right now… The online world is simply a tool. But in the right hands, it becomes a powerful megaphone.

What an opportunity for ministry and exalting Christ and his gospel!

This is why, as founder of CMB and instigator of this conversation of music making through eyes of faith, I am so eager to make connections with you. I am always ready to listen to feedback and areas where I can improve as the leader of this CMB thing…

The podcast is something I’ve just started doing the last few months. Before now, I never thought of myself as a communicator in this way. I’ve always been the singer/songwriter who keeps the message in the music.

But I’ve been prompted by God to start this, and in so doing I’m learning a ton along the way.

One thing I’ve recently learned is how the iTunes ranking algorithm works. The more ratings and reviews a podcast gets, the higher it ranks in searches.

Why should we care about this?

There are other people like yourself out there who are musicians wrestling with the same things you do, probably asking similar questions. There are other people of faith who walk with Jesus and feel called to write new songs, sing new melodies, and learn how to grow in it all.

So, in order for these folks to meet others like yourself in this new CMB community, we simply need to be easier to find…

And, quite honestly, I need the feedback!

So here’s what you do:

  • Open this iTunes link
  • Click on the blue button that says (view in iTunes)
  • This will launch your iTunes app
  • Click on the “Ratings and Reviews” tab underneath the podcast description
  • Be honest! 🙂

Not an iTunes user?

Subscribe to the RSS feed…

You can cut and paste the URL below into any RSS Reader (I’d suggest and it will update it each Friday when the podcast releases a new episode…


I recently was asked why there aren’t more episodes on Soundcloud. Perhaps in the near future we will upgrade to a pro account and have unlimited uploads to the Soundcloud server, but until then we’ve run out of room!

You can follow us on Soundcloud here.

Other options:

  • Stitcher is a great app for your smartphone. Here’s the CMB link.
  • The do nothing option: Just listen right here at CMB under the podcast category… You can still share via social media right from the post.