The Latin word “tellus” holds profound significance as it embodies the concept of Earth or land, encompassing both the physical planet we inhabit and the fertile soil that sustains life.

In ancient Roman mythology, Tellus was revered as the Earth Goddess, a symbol of abundance, fertility, and the nurturing force that brought forth crops and prosperity.

But the term “tellus” not only signifies the terrestrial realm but also conveys a sense of reverence and interconnectedness with nature, reminding us of our intimate bond with the planet that nurtures us all.

This interconnectedness, in a weird way, has been magnified with the advent of the internet. When I started doing work online back in 2002 the internet was barely a crawling baby.

These were the ancient, dial-up days of something we barely understood and the Internet was but a wee toddler, still in digital diapers. Remember the sound of a thousand screeching robot birds – also known as the dial-up tone?

I considered it then a soothing symphony of connectivity. A time when loading a simple image online was an event worth planning your evening around. If Netflix had existed, ‘streaming’ would have been an extreme sport where you’d start buffering a movie at breakfast and, if the Internet gods were merciful, it might be ready for your after-dinner viewing pleasure.

Internet Explorer was the intrepid but slightly slow uncle everyone used to navigate this virtual wilderness, and ‘Googling’ was not yet a verb, but a cutting-edge idea only the most tech-savvy dared to venture. Websites were a wild vista of flashy GIFs, blinding neon backgrounds, and the home of the elusive under construction GIF.

Truly, these days were the Internet’s charmingly awkward preteen phase, but I got to witness an uncanny amount of growth online while plugging away as a musician and songwriter. Eventually I began freelancing as a web guy, and ultimately started a company called Tellus Media.

Think about how much has changed.

The planet is more connected than ever, teeming with opportunities that continue to unfold and surprise us all.

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