The 4 Laws Of Email Awesomeness

#13 The 4 Very Different Types Of Email Marketing (2/2)

This is a follow up episode to episode 12 of T.I.M. Talks.

For the complete show notes on the 4 very different kinds of email marketing view the show notes from episode 12 here.

Action Steps For Episode 13

In this follow up episode to TIM Talks 12, I give you the 4 laws of email Awesomeness, and some action steps.

The Four Laws Of Email Awesomeness

Law 1: No Spam!

Oh my goodness. Why do spammers still exist!?!?! I hate spam. I hate it in every possible way. The food, and the inbox filth.

So what do you do to make sure you don’t spam people in your email marketing?


Don’t send them what they didn’t ask for.

That’s all spam is after all. It’s sending an irrelevant marketing broadcast to a list of people who didn’t opt in for it.

It’s not necessarily how often you send a broadcast (though you can certainly get annoying here). It’s all about providing value that is relevant to the people receiving it.


Stop using your gmail (or whatever) to send out regular marketing related emails to groups.

Sign up for any one of these guys:

  • Aweber (affiliate link – your first month is FREE!)
  • Mailchimp (second best)
  • Ontraport (awesome for established businesses)
  • ConvertKit (GREAT for bloggers and writers)
  • Drip (amazing for email courses, and other value dense autoresponders)

LAW 2: Always Send Value

Stop sending out campaigns that don’t innately have value in them.

Value can be pretty broadly defined, but at least send your recipients a link to something valuable back on your blog. An email campaign that is purely a reminder for example, with nothing else in it, is WORTHLESS, and helps no-one.


Become a person of value….


I realize that’s not exactly an action step….

I didn’t mention this in the podcast, but I will leave this with you:

6 Months To Six Figures is a great book on how to do this….

LAW 3: Be Conversational

Try to avoid sounding like a big company or business. You’re an artist.

Yes you’re running a business, and you MUST sell, but don’t send a campaign that feels like a big corporation like Living Social or Groupon (marketing eBlasts).

Build relationships and add value in your campaigns like you would with one personal email.

Ask questions. Engage your audience. Be conversational.


A no brainer:

How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

LAW 4:



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