Alright folks.
The new podcast has been live for about a week now at iTunes. I’m getting some good feedback from folks which is super encouraging!

Not sure what the CMB Podcast is all about?

The primary vision of CMB is to talk about the practical creative processes for believing artists, and to philosophically dig deeper into the meaning of “Christian music”.

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I believe that my faith shapes my entire life – not just a compartmentalized genre that I label my music with. My walk with Jesus affects everything I do. How I drive, sleep, write songs, and eat mashed potatoes.

It may sound a bit fanatical, but back when I believed in the gospel, it meant giving my entire existence over to God. I basically said, “Here’s a blank check Lord. I’m all yours.”

Do I do this perfectly? Of course not.

But by God’s grace, I seek to know how the whole of my life can honor God, and make much of Jesus.

This includes music making

And that’s what CMB is all about. It’s a new site that will encourage, instruct, provoke, and inspire people of faith who make music by asking questions about our creative processes and our world-view of music. I believe that God created music; therefore, Christians should have the best understanding of what music truly is, and how it all ties to Christ.

Below is the first episode of the CMB Podcast where I talk a bit about who I am and why this is happening.

There are currently (at the time of this blog post) three episodes that are at iTunes. Please subscribe at iTunes and take two minutes to leave me a review and rating! Thanks!