Tools For Effective Songwriting (4)

In this series, we’ve focused on some tools that can make things easier on us during the songwriting process.
We’ve focused on some useful tools for capturing and researching.

Now it’s time to touch base on the most important part of songwriting.

Tools for Refining.

Every good songwriter will tell you that writing songs isn’t always easy or fun. It takes hard work and patience to craft a good song.

Don’t always settle for the first words or melodies that come into your mind. Always ask the question, “How can I improve this?” Don’t stop when you think it’s good. Work to make it great.

Masterwriter is a very helpful tool for songwriting. It will help in all of the categories I’ve been going through, but I think it shines brightest in the area of refining. Having a thesaurus and a rhyming dictionary on hand is always helpful, and with Masterwriter you have all of these tools in one easy to use application.

There are other comparable applications available, and I’m sure someone will come up with something new and improved someday, but these days Masterwriter seems to be the tried and true, go-to songwriting software .

I would love to see them come up with an iOS app that would sync wirelessly back and forth like Evernote. That would sure make those times waiting at the DMV more productive!

Get Feedback

Refining happens the most when other people look at your song and give constructive feedback. I have recently been convinced that co-writing is a better way to write songs (more on this later). If your song has potential, it’s in the context of community and feedback where that song can turn from good to great.

If you’re a writer for congregational songs be sure and get in on the SongDISCovery community. Go to one of their one day conferences to learn how to craft and refine not just good songs, but great songs people will want to sing.

Another online resource is Steve Rice’s blog SongSphere. Steve has a lot of experience working with large publishers and he knows how to develop writers who are constantly growing and improving their craft.

For your iPhone or iPad check out Song Writer and Songwriter’s Pad. These apps (though limited) come with some of the helpful features common to Masterwriter. Below are also a few websites that may be of use to you.

You may know of some other tools for refining and improving your songs.

What do you use? Comment Below!

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