Tools For Effective Songwriting (6)

Let’s wrap this up so you can go write some songs.

When writing is fun, and you’ve got the wind of inspiration in your sails, take advantage of it.

Those moments are priceless.

I love those times where it seems like you could write 5 songs in a day, but unfortunately it’s not always like that.

This is why you need a system. You need to get organized.

You need something built into your busy life that allows you to not only be creative, but productive.

Over the last several days we’ve focused on some specific tools that songwriters can use to help facilitate their songwriting plan. Though this isn’t the only method of writing, we’ve narrowed things down to four categories:


Whatever methods you employ, you need to work at being consistent. You need a routine built into your life that allows for creativity. Check out this post by Rob Rash that explains how finding a consistent rhythm can be a great source of inspiration.

Go get to work!

The Series:

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